# 2 / 2022

Swiss – EU relations: it is now time to act

Swiss business is calling on the Federal Council to unblock European policy. Waiting until after the elections in 2023 will cause too much damage to Switzerland as a business location. It is now time to act in order to stabilise the bilateral agreements.

Executive summary

The Swiss business community has argued forcefully in favour of the bilateral agreements, which are increasingly eroding after negotiations on the framework agreement failed. The medtech sector, banks, electricity suppliers and the Swiss research sector are directly affected. Measures in these four areas are a priority. At the same time, the Swiss government is called on to make fundamental decisions on European policy. The institutional questions must be clarified. Here, the Swiss economy needs the market integration agreements to be synchronised with the development of the relevant EU acquis and a procedure for dispute settlement. Sectoral solutions in combination with general rules is one possible approach.

Positions of economiesuisse

  • The erosion of the bilateral path is hurting Switzerland and the EU as a business location. It also harms the common strategic interests of both partners.
  • The Swiss government is called on to act now to unblock European policy and ensure pursuit of the bilateral approach. The Swiss business community rejects any further delay.
  • Solutions should be prioritised in the areas of banking institutions and stock exchange, medtech, research and energy supply.
  • Swiss companies need legal certainty in their economic relations with the EU. Therefore, clarification of institutional aspects is essential. A sectoral approach combined with general rules is a possible solution.
  • Additionally, measures are needed to strengthen the export economy.