Switzerland's policy on Europe

It's one of the most consequential political questions we will have to answer in the coming years: how do we shape our relationship with Europe? What should our relations with the European Union (EU) look like in the future? Not only businesses but every one of us benefits from a close alignment with our neighbors. For Swiss business the fullest possible access to the European single market is crucial. Preserving and developing the bilateral treaties is a top priority for economiesuisse.

# 15 / 2016

Our Position

Secure and Improve Bilaterals

  • economiesuisse favors a business-friendly and Europe-compatible implementation of the mass immigration initiative. Immigration should be subject to a safeguard clause.
  • The bilateral treaties with the EU are extremely important for the Swiss economy and must be secured.
  • The bilateral relationship with the EU must be developed further. 
  • Going it alone is no solution for our country – not now, not in the future.

Brexit: a joint position paper of economiesuisse and TheCityUK

On March 29th, 2019 the United Kingdom will be leaving the EU. Until this date, the long-standing close bilateral relationship between Switzerland and UK must be based on a new contractual framework. Time is running and the prevailing insecurity is harming business - especially in the Swiss and British financial sector. Get some insights about the most pressing fields of action for the financial sector by reading the position paper of economiesuisse and TheCityUK.

Read the position paper