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3rd Bilateral Package EU-Switzerland: What is it about?

In its latest policy brief, economiesuisse explains the 3rd package of bilateral agreements with the EU, and its individual elements and makes an assessment from a general economic perspective. It shows that Swiss business is in a much better position with the Third Bilateral Package than without it.

Today, the Federal Council adopted the draft negotiating mandate for a third package of bilateral agreements with the EU on participation in the Single Market. economiesuisse welcomes this important step towards securing and further developing the bilateral path with the European Union (EU). But what does the 3rd Bilateral Package contain and how should the individual elements contained be assessed? To clarify these central questions, economiesuisse has drawn up a new policy brief.

A whole new package is to be negotiated

The 3rd Bilateral Package includes updating the five existing internal market agreements on the free movement of persons (AFMP), the removal of technical barriers to trade ("MRA"), land transport, air transport and agriculture. In addition, two new internal market agreements are to be concluded for electricity and food safety. In the areas of research, education and health, the package provides for cooperation with the European Union (EU). Furthermore, the resumption of the regulatory dialogue in the financial sector and a continuation of the Swiss cohesion contribution are planned.

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The 3rd Bilateral Package is the right way forward

An analysis of the 3rd Bilateral Package and its individual elements shows that the positive aspects for Swiss business clearly outweigh the negative ones. Swiss diplomacy was able to achieve important improvements together with the EU in the exploratory talks. The main objectives defined by economiesuisse with a view to the upcoming negotiations (secure participation in the EU internal market, reversal of the erosion of the bilateral path, new agreements, and cooperation) can be achieved with the new package. It is now important that the few outstanding points are clarified quickly. However, one thing is already clear based on the current state of knowledge: Swiss business is in a much better position with the 3rd Bilateral Package in place than without it.


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