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Bilateral relations between Switzerland and the EU: the foundations for negotiations are laid

economiesuisse welcomes the Swiss government’s decision on 8 November 2023 to draw up a mandate for negotiations for a third package of bilateral agreements with the EU. Many of the outstanding issues could be clarified in the preceding exploratory talks. The task now is to capitalise on this good starting position and adopt a negotiating mandate.

Regulated relations and legal certainty in the relationship with the EU are essential for the economy. economiesuisse therefore supports the Federal Council's package approach to stabilise and further develop the bilateral way with the EU. Sufficient progress has now been made in the exploratory talks that have been ongoing since April 2022 to allow negotiations to begin. economiesuisse welcomes the fact that the Federal Council has now communicated a binding timetable for drawing up the negotiating mandate. It intends to decide whether to accept the mandate before the end of the year. The business community continues to support the Federal Council in its endeavours to secure and further develop the successful model of the bilateral approach with the "Bilaterals III".