Economic cycle and growth

Economic development at home and abroad has a direct impact on employment and prosperity in Switzerland. At the same time, economic growth is often demonized and associated with an increasing use of resources. It is often forgotten that growth is primarily based on innovation and can also reduce the use of resources. economiesuisse regularly takes a stand on the growth debate and produces an up-to-date economic forecast twice a year. 

Our Position

  • Economic progress is primarily the result of human striving for new findings and improvement of one's own life. In a free society this progress cannot be stopped.
  • Today's prosperity cannot be conserved. A society which is closed to new developments not only misses opportunities for improvement, it inevitably falls back.
  • Political framework conditions must be set in a way that mitigates the negative side effects of growth while strengthening the positive effects.
  • Switzerland has long been resting on its laurels and hardly improved its economic framework conditions. As a result, it has become less competitive on an international scale. This must be adjusted.