Swiss voters ensure Schengen/Dublin remains in place

On 15 May 2022, Swiss voters agreed by a large majority to a higher Swisx contribution to the European border management agency Frontex. For economiesuisse, this result is an important milestone. It ensures that Switzerland remains a member of the two agreements that are central to the economy and security, Schengen and Dublin.

Swiss voters approved by 71.5 % the increase of Swiss contributions to the border protection agency Frontex. Swiss contributions will consequenly rise from currently around 21 million euros per year today to 61 million euros in 2027. The vote was necessary because left-wing and green parties had taken out a referendum against the increase. The reason for the referendum were accusations that Frontex would violate human rights during its operations.

In the past weeks and months, economiesuisse has led a committed campaign "Frontex-Schengen YES" throughout the country, together with the centre-right parties and an alliance of the tourism industry. Since the expansion of Frontex is essentially a further development of the Schengen acquis, Switzerland, as an associate member, is obliged to also make a proportionate contribution to security in Europe. For Monika Rühl, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of economiesuisse, it is clear: "Switzerland's Schengen participation is of great importance for security, the economy and especially for tourism and subsequent trade." Thanks to Switzerland's continued participation in Frontex, it can also actively work towards improving the work of the European border protection agency and ensuring that the fundamental rights of refugees are respected at the external borders. It is also an opportunity to pull together again with the EU. The task now is to continue Switzerland's constructive European policy. The Swiss government is called upon to resolve the current blockade in bilateral relations as quickly as possible.