Abolition of industrial tariffs

Switzerland will set import duties on all industrial products to zero francs. This will be the case from 1st of January 2024. Swiss business welcomes this, as the abolition of industrial tariffs will help to ease the administrative and financial burden on Swiss companies, as well as strengthening the business location.

Our Position

  • Removing customs duties on industrial imports is an important administrative relief. The intended facilitation of importing industrial products gives Swiss companies access to more cost-effective preliminary products and reduces the necessity for complicated customs procedures.
  • Additionally, the abolition of industrial tariffs also benefits the authorities and consumers because it reduces the bureaucratic burden on the administration and serves as an effective means of combating Switzerland as a high-price island. Thus, the economy as a whole benefits (higher economic output of CHF 860 million annually).
  • The abolition of customs duties must be followed by removing further trade barriers (among others through digitalisation and simplification of customs processes, removal of technical barriers to trade and the conclusion of further free trade agreements) if Switzerland wants to remain an attractive business location.

The amendment to the Swiss Customs Tariff Act will abolish import duties on industrial products as of 1st of January 2024 and simplify the customs tariff structure. The term industrial products covers almost all goods. Agricultural products (including animal feed) and fishery products are excluded. More precisely, it includes all goods in chapters 25 - 97 of the Swiss customs tariff, except for some goods that are classified as agricultural products. The Appendix of Swiss Customs Tariff lists the goods concerned by Swiss tariff numbers.


Publications by external organisations:

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Appendix of Swiss Customs Tariff (only available in German)

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