# 9 / 2023

Bilaterals III: What is it all about?

Switzerland must seize its opportunity and negotiate swiftly

The Federal Council has transferred the draft mandate to the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Federal Assembly (FACs) and the Conference of Cantonal Governments (CCG) for consultation. It then intends to adopt the negotiating mandate for the Bilaterals III in the beginning of 2024.

According to the Common Understanding, both parties are equally pursuing the goal of concluding the negotiations on the Bilateral III before the end of 2024. It is in Switzerland's interest to conclude the negotiations as soon as possible: The EU legislation influences participation in the single market. Without the Bilaterals III, up to 60% of Swiss export companies could lose their current participation in the EU single market from 2026/2027. This particularly affects export-orientated small and medium-sized companies that supply up to 80% of their products to the EU.