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Digitalisation: A distorted picture of Swiss labour market dynamics

While negative announcements such as company closures and job cuts receive a high level of media attention, positive news such as job creation receives much less coverage. This leads to a distorted perception of the impact of digitalisation on Swiss labour market dynamics, as well as of the true situation on the Swiss labour market. 

Almost every day, Swiss news media report on company closures and restructuring measures. Media coverage primarily focuses on the number of job cuts. Such reports often raise the question whether digitalisation could ultimately lead to the replacement of manpower. Unsurprisingly, anxiety over job loss has recently increased significantly. According to a recent survey, the Swiss population estimates the level of unemployment to be twice as high as it actually is. At the same time, there are more jobs than ever on the Swiss labour market. Unemployment is very low and labour market participation has reached an all-time high. Where does this discrepancy come from? The fact sheet sheds light on this matter.

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