# 13 / 2021

Supply of goods in times of crisis: analysis and lessons for Switzerland

A differentiated analysis despite an ongoing crisis

The pandemic and its economic consequences show us not only the efficiency but also the complexity and fragility of global supply chains. The availability of an essential commodity cannot be taken for granted. For Switzerland as a country with a small domestic market and no raw material resources, the following questions therefore arise:

  • How can Switzerland secure its supply in times of cross-border supply chains?
  • What role do the economy and the state play in this?
  • What lessons need to be learned from the current pandemic in order to better anticipate risks in the future and respond more effectively in the event of a crisis?

Experience from one and a half years of the pandemic allows to distinguish between alleged and actual supply bottlenecks, and between self-sufficiency and security of supply. Myths can also be clearly separated from facts when analysing the causes. The concrete policy recommendations for the economy are also based on this kind of differentiated analysis.